Web Development:


The web development services include development of various applications for your business. We specialize in software applications development, rich interface applications development, CMS and eCommerce for online shops development and much more. We also offer internet marketing services including building corporate image and brand recognition, web site analytics, search engine optimization, web video production, Email campaigns, and web design service.

If you are a serious website owner, you will know that to be or remain successful, websites need to “evolve”. We work with our clients to help ensure this evolution takes place, and that your development investment is always targeted at those areas of your site or business that most needs it and/or that provides the best return.

We actively promote with our clients gradual website development in multiple phases where each phase is thought through and justified. In this process we work with you as your partner, making sure we all work together to properly assess issues and to ensure that your business does grow. Currently we can undertake development in most of the important programming languages.

There are many stages to building a system from the ground up. Firstly the system will require specifying - identifying and agreement on the core requirements. Then the system will need designing - both at the front end (usually using wireframes) and the back end (where the operations happen). The systems are then built through managed stages, before reviewed, tested and finally made.

PHP is a programming language used to code websites. MySQL is a database which is used to store and return information. jQuery is a code/technique hybrid which allows interactive tasks to be performed inside a web browser. HTML and CSS are 'front end' code and mark-up languages which style a site.


Proficiency in these languages is one thing - the skill is in combining them to create dynamic, interactive websites. Each has its own rules - you learn the law - and then chooses the best each has to offer to programme websites to work best, be fresh and appeal to users.


Services include:


  • Programming in Javascript, PHP, Perl and ASP
  • Database Development (specialising in MySQL)
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration