Advanced Software:





  • XSIT New!
    Our customer XSIT offers green and modern pest control techniques to the citrus farming community. We have built the software system that can cope with the masses of data received from the field from different sources and present it to their clients, the citrus farmers, in a clear and concise way to support decisions and measure progress. Data is captured from various devices, including mobile phones running a GIS system, also developed by us in Android, and post it wirelessly to the web server, where admin staff monitor, process and report on the data, both numerically and on geo-spacial maps with Google Maps integration. From there, the data is made available to the farmers in almost real time.


  • Standard Bank New!
    We have recently developed new upgraded software for Dimension Data to install at Standard Bank Center Johannesburg to cost and bill all telephone calls of staff.


  • Glocell New!
    We have developed the applications for Glocell's Prepaid Solutions. They have recently launched a new version of this software.


  • Paperserve New!
    Paperserve supplies medium to large corporate clients with solutions improve efficiency and reduce costs. We develop core applications and technologies for Paperserve.


  • RMO New!
    We have developed a process flow system for repairs and maintenance used primarily in the property industry. It allows a controlled method for dealing and communicating with contracters, tennants, property owners and property managers.


  • Online File Repository New!
    We have developed the web service allowing anybody to store, retrieve, send, share, fax and task any personal or business files. This service is also available via cell phone.

  • Paperserve Print

    We’ve developed a printing solution for Paperserve that offers their clients total control over all print jobs. All printing actions are logged and processed through a central database by a custom-built printer driver developed by CDE. This allows easy installation and access control for large corporates, enhancing secure printing, costing of print jobs and print job flow controls to a new level. This driver has been developed to be fool proof for mass usage and forms an integral part of many hundreds of users’ every day work environment.


  • Agricultural Crop and Pest Monitoring System

    Essentially a GIS system based on web technologies, this application is a great tool for farmers. They can plot crop – dusting treatment against real effective results in their crops in almost real time, with GPS accuracy. Reports and logging are based on an integrated Google Maps solution.


  • New Information Portal - SA Government and CHM Vuani

    We are excited to be developing a document management system for the SA Government under contract of CHM Vuani. This project has spin-off as a corporate product and is already in use by many users. This system allows the on-line storage and sharing of documents within a small to medium enterprise. The entire system can be accessed using a personal computer or a mobile phone. Due to it's success we are about to start with a third phase adding even more features and expanding its market.


  • NIPInfo Phase 3
    Building on the success of the previous phases of NipInfo, the online document storage solution, we’ve been granted the development of the third phase. This essential business tool has now been upgraded with many new features such as on-line chat, fax-in / fax-out, document content indexing for searching, version control with history as well as many other operational and functional improvements. Still available as a free “express” version or a cost-effective corporate edition, this system is greatly enhancing the productivity of its users.


  • Eskom RAS

    Over the last six months we have been contracted by Tsohle Business Solutions to continue development on the client software for Eskom's Risk Audit System. The RAS application allows Eskom employees to rate and certify all high electricity consumption installations.


  • The Ultimate Holiday Planner

    We have been contracted to develop a next generation on-line itinerary planner. This system will have one of the largest databases of things to do and places to visit and will feature Web 2.0 technologies an design features. The project scope includes the web system, administrator application and call center system.


  • Lutiek Office Management System

    We have developed an all-in-one software solution for Lutiek, official distributor of Mig33 prepaid vouchers. This system includes stock tracking and stock flow control, customer and support management and reporting.


  • Staff Resource Planning System for Dimention Data

    We have been sub-contracted by Dimention Data to design an in-house employee resource management and planning system. This will greatly ease the job of the managers and resource planners.


  • Ogilvy / MWeb promotion


  • Ogilvy / Halls promotion


  • World Travel International - Help Desk Call Center


  • World Travel International - Telemarketing Call Center


  • Standard Bank - Telephone Management System (TMS Support)


  • Knowledge Resources - External Database Inegration


  • Mahala Media – Voice over IP


  • Old Mutual - Comprehensive estate planning tool


  • Sanlam - Telephone Management System (TMS Support) Call logging


  • Kfm 94.5 - Backend Business Directory Member database - Members can update information via the web


  • SD Key - The encryption key (SD Key) with the SD Key software can be used to encrypt one's personal data. The easy to use interface with set-up and registration wizards will make SD Key very easy to use and configure.


  • Epoch - Wills registry - UK


  • Cape Town Tourism - Updatable